Client Comments

“Beyond Data did excellent work on the survey project for the City of Madeira and the Madeira Chamber of Commerce.  They worked very closely with our Economic Development Committee in customizing the survey instrument to meet some very specific needs.  The resultant final report product was a terrific tool in helping us to gauge the perceptions of our residents and businesses as well as evaluating the effectiveness of our services for our customers.”

Tom Moeller,
City Manager, City of Madeira


I have worked with Janet in the private sector on corporate work in which she was able to not only execute the project, but  help explain and interpret to a variety of stakeholders.  When I became involved in the non-profit arena, Janet was able to adapt and implement her methodologies which have provided long-term benefit to downtown Cincinnati.  Janet has always approached her assignments with passion and a great ability to relate to all kinds of people.  The value of diversity is not just a characteristic of Janet’s; it is part of her ‘DNA.’  It has been a pleasure working with Janet, and I would highly recommend her for assignments in the future.”

David Ginsburg,
President and Chief Executive Officer,
Downtown Cincinnati, Inc


 “How can I say thanks for all the amazing things you have done both professionally and personally for Agenda 360?  The brain power, experience and TLS that you put into the survey design  paid tremendous dividends.  It has truly added an exclamation point to the work done thus far.  The speech was so perfect.  It will be very helpful as we create the messaging and take the results out to the community.  Thanks for the extra work you did to put that together…we love your ideas and words.”

Myrita Craig
Executive Director, Agenda 360


“Delighted you're getting some new business out of this.   Both Experian and Harvestmark have been very impressed by your professionalism Know your score.(TM)and quality.  Keep up the great work!”

Kip Knight,
Global Marketing Consultant