Beyond Data Products

We identify the best methods to collect data, often blending qualitative and quantitative techniques.

  • QuickTally© ~ This system uses portable, handheld computerized units for instant data entry and real-time analysis.  Ideal for testing many concepts (products, commercials, package designs, market strategies), sessions are 1.5 to 3 hours.  Data collected prior to the session can be presented to participants.  This, along with brainstorming can bring any group closer to consensus and action.  [Special rates available to non-profits.]

  • Clusterize®~ The goal in segmentation research  is to identify clusters of customers/ companies/consumers whose values and behaviors make them more likely to respond to distinct marketing strategies, services, and product offerings.  Factor, cluster analysis, and regression are tools for identifying and profiling distinct segments.
  • Satisfact ® ~ We design customer and employee satisfaction studies around company goals to exceed expectations, generate loyalty, and beat the competition.  These studies go beyond the obvious to measure what really matters.  We track progress over time, while developing new measures to keep findings relevant and actionable.    
  • Optimize®  ~ These studies help refine products or services to meet market needs.  Participants rate and react to formulations, concepts, packaging, strategies, and business solutions.  Against the backdrop of their values, participants provide direction on how to strengthen any idea.

  • Karisma®  ~ Our ideation process (½ to 3½ days) is custom-designed to develop fresh ideas to create new products, strategies, or reach new audiences. Entertaining.  Surprising.  Designed to stimulate “right-brain” activity, we deliver testable concepts and product ideas. 
  • Explor®  ~ One-on-one interviews, focus groups and observing in natural settings, we explore, listen, probe, and discover.