Services Provided

We routinely meet with our clients to better understand objectives, budgetary constraints, timing, deliverables, and how the results will be used.  



  • Data review (Analysis of current strategies, data analysis, market opportunity assessment)
  • Brainstorming & concept development
  • Mission and Vision (Formalizing who you are, where you want to be)


  • Research approach (Research, sample design, study design, data collection, analytical strategy )
  • Project management (Coordination of all field operations, handling of data, coding and processing)
  • Analytical strategy and statistical analysis (Cross-tabulations with T-tests at the 95% confidence level, regression, factor, cluster analysis, and perceptual mapping)
  • Executive Summary and results presentations (Charts and graphs summarizing results with commentary and recommendations)



  • Implications, Strategy Development
  • Marketing Solutions
  • Website design and implementation

*We work with trusted partners to assure results are translated into action that helps you achieve your vision.